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Spring Conference Scholarship:

Please see the attachment for information about the spring conference scholarship. We would like to encourage members to apply if needed. The deadline for submission is due by April 10, 2016.

Download the application here

CAVS Upcoming Online Testing Windows:

April 4-15, 2016.
October 3-14, 2016

CAVS Upcoming Paper and Pencil Exams:

NEADHVS Conference - May 24, 2016
Providence, Rhode Island

WADVS Conference - June 17, 2016
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

AHVRP Annual Conference - October 11, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia

The CAVS Exam:

The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that address topics in the CAVS Content Outline, a document approved by the AHVRP Board of Directors. Also approved by the Board of Directors is the passing score, which this year is 74%. The CAVS exam is continually updated by the CAVS Test Committee, a group of CAVS-certified AHVRP members.

Exam Fee:

AHVRP members (Member ID required) - $250
Non-members - $425


Candidates may apply at any point during the year. For details, see the CAVS Candidate Handbook and Application below. Test questions are derived from the CAVS Exam content outline found in the CAVS Handbook. CAVS candidates should expect to spend 40-50 hours preparing for the exam.

Click here to access the CAVS application.

If you need further assistance, please contact:

CAVS Exam Inquiries:
CCVA Executive Director
Katie Campbell

MHA’s Phone Numbers

Will Change on Monday, June 23, 2008

In our ongoing effort to continually improve service to our membership, the Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) is updating its phone system.As a result, all individual staff phone numbers will change, effective MONDAY, JUNE 23.

Our main number will convert from 781-272-8000 to 781-262-6000.  However, to facilitate a smooth transition, both main numbers will remain in effect.

In addition, a main feature of the new phone system will allow for direct dial capability to all staff.  A complete directory of new phone exchanges is available on the Members’ Homepage of or by clicking here. These changes will be immediately implemented and old exchanges will be inactive on June 23.

We anticipate that the transition will go smoothly and provide an improved ease of access and higher level of service to our membership. Should you experience any problems, please e-mail your MHA contact directly for assistance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during our transition process.  We look forward to serving you better as we move forward.



Energize, Inc --- Volunteer Management Updates and Publications

Joint Commission --- Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Points of Light Foundation --- National Volunteer Network Center

VolunteerMatch --- Links Volunteers and Opportunities

Volunteer Solutions --- Links Volunteers and Opportunities

Jayne Cravens & Coyote Communications --- Resources and consulting and training services for mission-based organizations.

VolunteerWorks --- Software for Volunteer Tracking and Management

CHSB (Criminal History Systems Board) --- Maintains Massachusetts Criminal Justice Information System, including CORI Regulations

Massachusetts Service Alliance/Connect and Serve--- Massachusetts State Commission on Community Service/Post Volunteer Opportunities

HealthCare Volunteer – connects health professionals to volunteer opportunities

Independent Sector --- Leadership forum for charities, foundations and corporate-giving programs. Estimates dollar value of volunteering

The Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services (CAVS) Credential --- CAVS is the volunteer management credential available through the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP), a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association.




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