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Membership News

Harriston-Diggs Receives Prestigious American Cancer Society Award

Stephanie Harriston-Diggs, Director, Volunteer Services, was one of 19 passionate volunteers to be recognized by the American Cancer Society (ACS) with the 2014 St. George National Award.

This award recognizes individuals across the country for outstanding service to the community in support of the ACS' mission to finish the fight against cancer. Recipients were chosen based on their continuous leadership, commitment and dedication to key initiatives in the areas of fundraising, mission delivery, patient support, legislative advocacy and event engagement.

"The volunteers honored with this award have dedicated their time and resources to the fight against cancer," said Pamela Meyerhoffer, FAHP, volunteer chair of the American Cancer Society Board of Directors. "Their commitment to and passion for our mission is remarkable."

Harriston-Diggs was a recipient in the Society's New England Division. She was noted for bringing many new donors to the Society and for being a generous supporter of several major gift campaigns. Her experience in major gifts helped the Division open AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Boston in 2008.

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Boston, located in Jamaica Plain, serves as a home away from home for patients traveling more than 40 miles to their outpatient treatments in Boston. There is no charge to stay at Hope Lodge, for either the patient or his or her caregivers.

"It was such a pleasure to be at the right place at the right time to actively participate in developing an important American Cancer Society vision," Harriston-Diggs said. "The Lodge has proven to be such a vital resource for patients and their caregivers seeking medical assistance from the many prestigious medical facilities in Boston."

"Stephanie's leadership has been instrumental in building and augmenting relationships between the American Cancer Society and the Boston area," said Peg Camp, Executive Vice President and Operating Officer of the Society's New England Division. "Her contributions are selfless and will leave an indelible impact on the Society's efforts to execute its lifesaving work in Boston."

Harriston-Diggs is excited to receive this prestigious award. "When I look at the caliber of excellence in the other 18 recipients who keep the American Cancer Society's programs thriving, I am honored and humbled to be recognized alongside them."

Published 8/5/2014

Have gavel, will travel

Dear MADHVS member,

Happy New Year! July is the start of a new year for MADHVS and a new slate of officers. I want to thank you for the honor to serve as your MADHVS president for the upcoming 2014-2015 term. MADHVS has been invaluable to me in my role as Director of Volunteer Services at Marlborough Hospital. I am so excited to be part of such a strong board and a valuable organization. Thank you to Nancy Reilly, C.A.V.S., outgoing president, and last year's board members for providing us with the leadership and educational opportunities to advance our profession and improve our operations during such a transitional time in health care.

Last week, I spent some time on the road getting the MADHVS transition process started. Nancy passed along the president's gavel as well as a truckload of materials. Ok, not a truckload, but we did need a cart to get all the notebooks, etc out to my car! She shared some of the wisdom she's gained from her tenure and I'm sure I'll have many more questions for her as she continues on the board as past president and in her new role as NEADHVS Educational Chair.

I also met with Sandy Epstein, new Area 2 chair, and shared materials and thoughts from my two years as Area 2 chair. I've been a member of MADHVS since 2008 and Sandy has been an active participant for much longer than I have. I'm pleased to be handing the reins to such a capable professional.

Next on the trip was Laura Dilts, new MADHVS educational chair and current NEADHVS membership chair. Laura has already been reviewing the materials from the Education Committee and has numerous ideas for the upcoming year. I'm looking forward to seeing what the committee proposes. Now, if I can only keep up with Laura's energy!

Speaking of energy, I am so impressed with this year's board and the mix of returning members and new additions. The wisdom of the returnees, along with a different perspective that only fresh eyes can bring, should make for quite a strong combination. We'll need that strength for the challenges that are facing us this year increasing membership, educational offerings that accommodate the limited availability of time and money our member health care facilities are experiencing, and communicating effectively with you, our members, to ensure you get the most out of your investment in MADHVS.

The board will be meeting over the next several weeks to setup our calendar and goals for this year. Please feel free to send along any ideas or feedback to your area chairperson so we can do our best to meet your needs.

Once again, thank you and I'm looking forward to working with you to take MADHVS to the next level of professionalism, innovation and service excellence.


Mary Ann Stein
President, MADHVS
Director, Volunteer Services and Community Outreach
Marlborough Hospital

Published 8/5/2014

Jordan Hospital is now Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth

We are pleased to announce Jordan Hospital is now Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth. The change became effective January 1st of this year. Jordan joins the family that includes Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, BID-Milton and BID-Needham.

New Management

The Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP) is proud to announce that the CAVS certification process is now being managed by CCVA (Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration). AHVRP is pleased to continue offering this credential that recognizes its members as proficient in their field. This transition to CCVA offers new opportunities to strengthen our profession of volunteer management while making the certification process more affordable for everyone.

AHRVP Certification Program

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