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Benefits of Membership

It’s a common refrain by people involved in managing volunteers at healthcare organizations across the state: “Without the expert knowledge and information I get from MADHVS, I could not do my job as well as I do.”  

MADHVS, the Massachusetts Association of Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services, is an organization for professionals dedicated to the advancement of volunteer administration at healthcare and healthcare-related organizations. Membership offers many benefits including:

Professional Development:

  • Advanced learning through quarterly educational sessions on topics relevant to volunteer administration and to personal growth
  • Honing of knowledge and skills through discussions and presentations at local area meetings
  • Updates on latest trends and information on standard volunteer management practices
  • Opportunities for leadership roles
  • Greater visibility for you and your institution

Peer Support

  • No need to reinvent the wheel – forms, policies and procedures and innovative program ideas are available from peers
  • Networking opportunities exist for seasoned professional and newcomers, allowing you to keep abreast of changes in the industry and to learn about new initiatives and “tried and true” services and programs
  • “Being with people who get what we do and who understand the daily challenges and issues we face,” could be a tag line for MADHVS and speaks to the camaraderie shared by its members
  • An outstanding web-site and list serve enhance communication, keeping members well informed and well connected

More to consider...

  • Rejuvenate yourself while earning CEUs at the educational sessions. You will receive notification ahead of time or you can plan your schedule by checking out the dates at;
  • Need to stay on your hospital premises? Serve as a host – you can attend an area meeting or educational session and showcase your institution.
  • Have a question or concern? Email your question and enjoy the dialogue that will follow.

For only $35 a year, MADHVS membership provides you with access to many different resources and is a true value.

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