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Volunteer Team Award

On Tuesday, April 13, during National Volunteer Week, colleagues and volunteers in the Department of Hematology/Oncology and Infusion Room were presented with the Team Award. The award was given by Paul Bartush of Massachusetts General Hospital, the current president of the Massachusetts Association of Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services (MADHVS). Annually, every member of MADHVS may select one department or group within their institution to recognize for exceptional collaboration between staff, volunteers and the volunteer department.

“The Team Award recognizes and celebrates the collaborative nature of volunteer program development within health care institutions,” said Mary Iodice, manager, Volunteer and Community Services. Iodice also acknowledged Lahey’s relationship with the American Cancer Society, which provides volunteers for the Gordon Cancer Center’s Resource Room.

Massachusetts Association Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services

Announcing the new Here to C.A.R.E Program

Melissa Hubbard presented the MADHVS Team Award to the Here to CARE Program at Norwood Hospital at the Volunteer recognition Luncheon on April 23. Pictured here are several of the volunteers and members of the Advisory Team, including Linda Gregoire, DVS; and Amy Melican, Volunteer Coordinator.

Here to C.A.R.E. (Caring for And Reaching out to Elders) was developed to visit patients over age 70 on designated patients care units three shifts a day, five days a week. Volunteers orient patients to their surroundings, answer their questions, provide therapeutic activities and offer empathetic support. This was a true, collaborative effort between patient care and volunteer services staff and the volunteers. The advisory team worked diligently in a creative partnership that brought everyone together working toward a single mission. This team of staff and volunteer partners has been phenomenal in their dedication, enthusiasm and excellence in all that they do.

Team Award Presentation

team award

The team award: Paul Bartush and Jane Karaman presented the team award to a program at Beverly Hospital called Connecting Young Moms. This program was started in 1996 through our Social Work and Parent Education Departments to offer pre and post natal programs to young mothers who have no real support in their lives. The moms come and work with our three clinical staff social workers to learn good parenting skills, provide emotional support, health education for themselves and their children and help assess their individual family needs. Our volunteers are there to take care of the babies in the child care room so the mothers can devote their undivided attention to what they are learning. It has been a wonderful collaboration between the volunteers and the staff and the mothers! There are two groups one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. There are currently fourteen volunteers that are split between the groups and they are great about talking to each other when someone needs a replacement.

TEAM Award Description and Application

The TEAM award recognizes and celebrates the collaborative nature of volunteer program development within healthcare institutions. Annually, every member of MADHVS may select one department or group within their institution with whom the Volunteer Department has successfully collaborated to develop or maintain a program involving volunteers. The specially designed award certificate is given to the entire team – volunteers and staff together – and may be displayed in the winning department. The president of MADHVS will present the award at a time, place and in a format selected by the MADHVS member.

The TEAM award offers each MADHVS member the opportunity to generate publicity and goodwill within her/his own community and institution. The nomination process is simple and is at the discretion and direction of the individual MADHVS member.

To schedule an award presentation, please complete this form and mail or email it to:

Upon receipt of this application, the President of MADHVS will contact you to discuss the details of your request.

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